The first greening……

Today I went to see if the pecan trees were leafing out.  The farm was glowing with many different shades of green.  Such a beautiful place.

The pecans are leafing out!

The pecans are leafing out!

The daffodils had some flowers, which made me so happy.  I was afraid that they had been damaged when the brush was cleared on Valentine’s Day.

DSC_0157 DSC_0161

I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I go out to the farm.  I look around and I can’t believe that this place is mine.  I will get to live here – soon I hope.   The “grass” is growing and I’ll need to bush hog again soon.   I don’t get to play at the farm this weekend.  I have to clean the house.  My realtor is having photos taken for the listing – it most likely will do better if it’s clean.  It will officially be for sale next week.

I’m moving on to a wonderful place, a place I will create for myself and my kids.



About clsywnch

I am many things; a southern farm girl, country, mother, caregiver, knitter, farmer and cancer survivor.
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