A new blog beginning……

So it has been precisely 1 year and 11 months since I last posted on my blog.  Since then my world has changed as much or more than it did the previous 2 years.  I survived breast cancer beginning in June of 2011.  I made it through diagnosis, a double mastectomy, port placement, chemotherapy, the agony of tissue expanders, radiation therapy, a total hysterectomy and finally reconstruction of my breasts.  In the midst of this my beloved father was diagnosed with Stage 4 (metastatic) colon cancer.  He too joined the whirlwind that is cancer.  To my sorrow, despite a hell of a fight, daddy didn’t make it.  I lost him on February 1, 2013.  The day following his funeral my mother was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer.  This after surviving colon cancer 25 years earlier.  She too, put up a hell of fight, trying every possible option.   She didn’t make it either, dying on November 2, 2013.  I was left with a wonderful Stepmother and a wonderful Stepfather, my brother and stepsister.  I have my beloved daughter and son, but somewhere in there I lost my husband.  You hear that serious illness will either bring you closer together or will tear you apart, we fell into the later category.

That’s how I found myself at nearly 51 starting over.   Over the last 8 months I’ve done a lot of soul searching, crying and mourning the loss of nearly 20 years of my life.  I have 2 marvelous children to show for it, a cat, a full time dog and a part time dog.

With the freedom of being single, the “hell yeah, I can do it” attitude from my father and a small inheritance from my mother I’m fulfilling an old dream.  I have bought land, long neglected and plan to sell my home of nearly 17 years.  Then I will build myself a little house on my farm.  I’m going back to the farm life I swore I would never go back to so many years ago.  I’ve got a little tractor, a really cute chicken coop and 8 young ladies who will help me make my dream a reality.

So come along for the ride…..Things are never dull here.


About clsywnch

I am many things; a southern farm girl, country, mother, caregiver, knitter, farmer and cancer survivor.
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