Wind Leaf Farm – the realization of a dream some 40+ years in the making – or a really big midlife crisis.   I have purchased myself 10.3 acres of land outside of town in a rural part of Pitt County North Carolina.  I plan to start a new life there and hopefully expose my kids to a more simple and satisfying world.  (No, they are not real happy about it just yet.)

The name “Wind Leaf Farm” has layers of meaning for me.  It is a nod to the Science Fiction genre which I have loved for most of my life.  One of my all time favorite SciFi series is “Firefly”.  Wash is the pilot of Serenity, a magician when piloting the ship.    My favorite of his lines goes something like, “I am a leaf on the wind, watch me soar”.   It also speaks to the many significant life changes I have undergone in the past 4 years.  This piece of land, neglected and ignored for so many years is where fate “the wind” has brought me.  Here I will turn over a new leaf in my life.  I will reclaim myself here on this land I am reclaiming.  There are amazing trees around the old homestead and in the strip of woods that I own.  I want to see and hear the wind rustle through the leaves of those trees – bringing me Serenity.

The header photo is the sun setting over the trees looking over the front field.  I am behind the old homestead near a fallen tree.  I find this place beautiful and I plan to care for it so that everyone sees that beauty.  This blog will include glimpses of the new life I create here and all the myriad things that bring me joy.


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