Long Time No Speak

Hello.  I haven’t spoken to you in a long time.  Life here has been somewhat on the crazy side.  I put the house up for sale……  The whole summer I worked like crazy out at the farm.  I cut weeds, moved wood and generally cleaned.  The house finally sold on November 30th.  I had purchased a camper to stay in once I sold the house.  Can I just say that trying to set up a camper to live in is waaay more trouble than it is worth.  I did finally manage to move in but I was homeless for nearly 2 weeks.  The people who bought my house wanted my chicken coop – so I quickly purchased another one.  The ladies went ahead and moved out to the farm.  I stayed with my former neighbors for a week then moved out to my new neighbors for several days.  I finally moved in the week before Christmas.

The adventure began that day!!!!

More later!



About clsywnch

I am many things; a southern farm girl, country, mother, caregiver, knitter, farmer and cancer survivor.
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