THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 9:11 PM, CDT

  • I believe I promised a glimpse back into my journey when I started this blog.  Tonight I give you my first post.
  • Test Results
 – So we are 2 weeks into the journey.  We met with the Breast Surgeon today and the Plastic Surgeon for final operative plan.  Based on the histology reports my cancer is moderately differentiated.  It is strongly Estrogen receptor positive (98%), Progesterone receptor positive (84%), and HER-2 negative.  This is good news. This type of cancer responds well to hormone based chemotherapy.  The breast MRI sized the tumor at 2.8 cm – smaller yeah.  No other tumor either side.  No worrisome nodes.  The CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis were negative for metastasis.  There were a couple of enlarged nodes in the right axilla.  My bone scans were also negative for metastasis.  This puts me at a Stage 2A for now.  Final stage will be determined by final pathology after the surgery. 
  • I have decided to remove both of my breasts for several reasons.  1.  The cancer is mixed ductal and lobular and there is a small but increased risk of primary breast cancer in the opposite breast.  2.  My family history sucks.  3.  I have lumps everywhere on both sides and I really don’t think I can handle another lump after this one.  4.  It didn’t show up on a mammogram – so how do we monitor the other side?  Also the new ones will match.

My head is in a good place for now.  I am cracking boob jokes.  I plan to work up until surgery.


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I am many things; a southern farm girl, country, mother, caregiver, knitter, farmer and cancer survivor.
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