The Great Fake Boobie Knitalong

Today I’m joining several of my friends from the indigodragonfly Ravelry group in a Knitalong.

This is my second KAL (Knitalong) but it is perhaps the most personally important one I’ll ever do. We are knitting a beautiful scarf by Anne Hanson of Knitspot fame called Aria Delicato. We are knitting it in a very special yarn “Yes They’re Fake – The Real Ones Tried To Kill Me” Yes, the same yarn whose picture was my first post on this blog. I named this yarn and gave input into the colour design in an auction to benefit a Canadian Charity The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund last June. Kim McBrien of indigodragonfly very generously donated her time and talent to support the fund. I was very fortunate during my treatment for Breast Cancer and financially did not have any difficulty. But so many are not so fortunate and this was a way for me to give back (and get yummy yarn too;)

Rayna AKA CrystalDiva is one of my new very good Canadian friends and a proud possessor of one the 4 skeins in existence. She is blogging the story of the KAL here CrystalDiva. Please read her blog as I think she does a wonderful job of introducing the KAL. She is planning to continue to blog through this and I probably will too. I am however, very new at this blogging business – so I’ll continue to link to her.

Now I’m gonna start knitting!


About clsywnch

I am many things; a southern farm girl, country, mother, caregiver, knitter, farmer and cancer survivor.
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